About Me

Fabeha Monir

    I am professionally journalist and photographer, an activist forever by innate attributes. My creative platform focuses on vital themes of violence against women, human rights issues, global poverty, social development, war and civil society, genocide, cultural and heritage conservation, mysticism, indigenous cultures, migration and forced exile, oppression & dispossession in marginalized communities.

    I have been working for BISTANDSAKTUELT – NEWS ON AID AND DEVELOPMENT, Norway, almost five years. I did various projects for local & international NGOs or international magazines/newspapers. A few are Traidcraft, Uk, Bangladesh ; Oxfam ; UNDP ; Water Aid ; Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation etc.

    I assisted international journalists for preparing various articles or reports. I have worked for Stern magazine, Germany; Sueddeutsche Zeitung, Germany; Terra Metter magazine, Austria; French newspaper Le Monde, France 24 etc. My work has been exhibit... See more